c. 1920 Suffrage FlyerMissouri Historical Society Collections
Guy next to me on plane:So, where are you from?
Guy:No, like, where are you FROM?
Me:Um, I was born in New York...
Guy:But, what about... (He pulls the corners of his eyes back in an effort to look Asian.)

Eastern Sierras | California (by Howard Ignatius)

Orcas Island | Washington (by Nelson Cragg)
Old Turkish map, according to my Turk friend


All more or less history related, general location in parenthesis if it isn’t obvious.  Library special collections included, if you’re looking for your local public library, try the Lifeguard Librarian’s list.  Crazy long list after the jump.

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Smile! Smile! Come on you’re too pretty for me to see you not smiling!
— An older man who is yelling (rude and forcefully) at me, in my face, randomly on the street. My grandmother had just passed away, and I was in no shape or form in a ‘smiling mood’ but was forced to do so because I felt so weak and he wouldn’t leave me alone until I did so. I’m not here to please you aesthetically, I am allowed to walk around with a straight face, or even a frown. And I don’t take it as a ‘compliment.’ Made me feel awkward, upset, scared and uncomfortable. (via microaggressions)


Stevens Pass | Washington (by Lisa Blue Hour)



Protestors in Turkey redo the Ellen Selfie inside a police van

taking a selfie
in a police van
after you’ve been arrested
at a protest

yeah, keep your Oscar winners group selfies, here you go


New guy at work is cool. Production guy tells him, “I can’t pronounce ‘Saqib’ so we’ll just call you ‘Bob’.”

He replies, “I’ll have trouble with ‘Rick’, so we’ll just call you ‘Bilal’.”

(via laviedulinguiste)